Open Minds in KCK

Open Minds Child Development Center will operate Precious Kiddie Care Early Learning Center at 1901 N. 63rd Drive, Kansas City, KS 66102

Open Minds is confident that we can directly translate our success from the Olathe (Johnson County) to KCK (Wyandotte County) area through the same approach of community and family involvement. We would explore the possibility of hosting an annual 5K Walk/Run on the KCKCC campus. This program would benefit both KCK and Open Minds in awareness and advertisement. The 5K Walk/Run would also serve as a fundraiser to offset the ongoing cost of supplies and materials for the Open Minds program. It is programs like this that help us keep true to our mission of providing our families affordable early childhood care service. Our curriculum enhancements are what makes our program unique, and we plan to provide similar enhancements based on the needs and opportunities afforded to us in Wyandotte County and the KC Metro. Community and family is at the root of Open Minds’ mission; and with ownership having strong and direct connections, there is great anticipation for success.