Daily Schedule

Each day, students will have various opportunities to investigate the world around them. All students will have (2) 30-45 minute outside times each day, weather permitting. Classroom schedules will be composed of large group activities and circle time, where all students in the classroom are working together. The classroom will then break up into small groups and students will have teacher lead activities and practice skills that we are learning. Each classroom will have at least one hour of center time in the morning and in the afternoon, where students lead their own inquisitions and explore their world at their own pace. Rest time will be from 12:30-2:30 each day; though students are not required to sleep they will be encouraged to rest on their cots so they are prepared for the second half of the day. To view a sample schedule of the school day, see below.

6:30am Arrival, Sign In, Centers
7:30am Morning Activity
8:15am Outdoor Play or Indoor Gross Motor Activities
9:00am Handwashing/Morning Snack
9:30am Morning Meeting
10:00am Small Group Rotations (Spanish, Math, Science, Handwriting, or Social Skills)
11:00am Centers
12:00pm Handwashing/Lunch Time
12:30pm Rest Time
2:45pm  Journaling/ Plan for the next day
3:00pm Handwashing/Afternoon Snack
3:30pm Outdoor Play or Indoor Gross Motor Activities
4:15pm Story time or Independent Reading
4:30pm Afternoon Meeting
4:45pm Centers
6:00pm Departure