Meet the Owners

Open Minds Child Development Center is a family run business between husband and wife, AbdulRasak and Alicia Yahaya. The Yahayas have embarked on this business venture together to provide an invaluable service of affordable, high-quality educational early childhood care to the KC Metro community. Abdul and Alicia have three young daughters: Avery, Aubree and Aliyah.

Alicia Sharon Yahaya, known as “Sharon” by members of her tightly knit family. Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. Alicia is the first and only child born to Shelia Williams and Phillip Anderson. As a child she loved to read and talk. She and her mom spent almost every day at the library and every evening at home discussing why she could not talk in class 🙂 She grew up to attend Sumner Academy of Arts and Science and continued on to the University of Kansas and graduated in 2009 with a degree in English.

AbdulRasak Toyin Yahaya, known as “Abdul” comes from a culturally rich background, beginning his life born in Ilorin, Kwara Nigeria.  Second child and first born son to parents Amori and Mariam Yahaya. Abdul is deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of foreign born parents with father, born and raised in Ilorin Kwara Nigeria and mother born and raised in the Caribbean Islands. Abdul was raised in Kansas City, Missouri where he attended Rockhurst High School and continued to Kansas State University to receive a Degree in Civil Engineering and Minor in Leadership Studies in 2008. Abdul worked professionally in his field with 10 years of experience designing transportation & infrastructure projects.