We first sent our daughter to a chain daycare. We were constantly getting calls that she had a fever and had to get her and stay home the next day. She never had a fever when we got her home or after. We chose to search for a new daycare, and found Open Minds (main location – Olathe). This place has been a blessing. Not only are they cheaper than the chain daycare was, but they actually treat my child as if she were their own. From the owners to the folks that clean at the end of the day, they all know my daughters name and always greet us with a smile and give a “have a good night” at the end of the day. They follow a set curriculum that give the children a good routine while also allowing them to be creative, and just be kids. The teachers and co-teachers are great, as well as all of the support staff. My daughter is excited to go to “school” every morning because she gets to see her teachers and friends. My family is actually moving next month, and when my husband toured daycares to select one, he knew the standard was that they need to be like Open Minds. If you are looking for a daycare that you can be comfortable dropping your kiddo off at while you are at work, look no further, Open Minds is the place to go.

Tara D.

A one of a kind childcare center. Very spacious and up to date facility. Caring and motivated staff that is genuinely interested in your child’s development and happiness. They have lots of beneficial programs such as a lifetime fitness coach that will assess each child and give recommendations for the teachers and parents to follow and they actually do their best to implement these throughout the day. My baby is super happy here, progressing well, and I wouldn’t dream of taking him anywhere else. The director is very involved and easy to talk to. Love it here, so happy we found this center just in time for when we started

Michelle M.

The teachers are very caring and loving, work hard each day to see that your children learn and have fun. The owner and her family are very friendly and a wonderful place to work as well as have my child in Preschool.

Amanda L.

Great new child education center. Very spacious with great teachers. The teachers have been fantastic keeping us informed of our child’s progress.

Blake L.

Great facility! The staff is so kind and attentive. I feel completely comfortable dropping my infant off every day to people that love her. They go out of their way to create a wholesome environment through song, sensory activities and crafts.  They also are pretty tech savvy and do a great job of providing updates and communicating.

Stephanie G

One of the biggest and hardest decisions a parent makes is who will watch their children while they are at work. This is made easy by the staff and owners of Open Minds, they have created an educational oasis in the heart of Olathe. The HighScope curriculum, fosters creativity, while still promoting the basic building blocks that every child needs. Our family will always be a part of the Open Minds family.

Lou G.

Open Minds is a wonderful child care facility where you can be confident your little one is being well taken care of. It’s a family-owned center, and Alicia is there day in and day out making sure everything runs smoothly. The amazing teachers in the infant classroom made going back to work after maternity leave so much easier. I knew my daughter was in great hands and would have a day full of learning and love.

Hannah L

We made a switch from another school to Open Minds and couldn’t be happier with our decision. Our 4yr son has had huge behavior improvements and has really started talking about everything he does at school on a day-to-day basis. The daily emails from the teachers are amazing and really help us engage with him about what he’s doing and incorporate lessons from school at home. I wish we could give more than 5 stars.

Jeff Matlock