Reading Tree Kids

What is Reading Tree Kids – Literacy Program

Reading Tree Kids is a fun, interactive literacy support program. They have a partnership with Open Minds and will be coming once a week to provide high quality, high interest books with interactive storytelling. They are a support system for your child’s teacher and provide literacy support for all the preschool classrooms. There will be a weekly activity related to the book of the week. Learn more about the Reading Tree Kids The Reading Tree advocates for positive, play-based environments for young learners and provides direct early literacy support to existing childcare programs. We do this by building relationships with local early childcare providers and the children in their care. At the Reading Tree, we believe that an early love of the spoken word, pictures that tell a story, listening and being listened to will set the foundation for the reading, communication and pro-social skills that are necessary for success in school. Our goal is to help the children of today preserve their innate love of learning, and to  become  strong, confident communicators through rich literary experiences  and meaningful conversations.


The goal of Reading Tree Kids is to strengthen and enlarge your child’s vocabulary. Kitty Combs comes to Open Minds once a week to read and share with our preschool classes the book of the week.

Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children:

* Widens their world

* Increases listening skills

* Expands understanding of how stories work

* Helps children understand that symbols on a page represent specific words

* Increases vocabulary and language development

* Improves social skills

* Boosts interest in books

* Improves focus and concentration

* Stimulates imagination (and thinking outside of the box)

* Helps keep learning fun

 * Encourages development of empathy


The cost of the Reading Tree Kids program is included in the cost of tuition.